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A newsletter that delves into the complexities of design and personal life. Written by Eric, a designer with a passion for exploring the intersection of these two worlds, this newsletter offers a unique and introspective perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from Eric's own experiences in design and life.

Each issue of the newsletter features musings and insights on various design and personal life topics, including creativity, self-discovery, career development, and more. Whether you are a designer, creative professional, or interested in exploring the intersection of design and personal life, Eric's Design and Life Musings is a must-read for anyone looking to gain new insights and perspectives on these important and often interconnected areas of life.

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Eric's Design and Life Musings is a newsletter that explores the intersection of design and personal life through a unique and introspective lens.


Ericson Luciano

Principal UI Designer at PayMongo. Designer focused on user interfaces and design systems who can work with code, I strive for intuitive, simple, and accessible designs.